Family Of 16 Year Old Hit And Run Victim Calls For Accountability

The family of a 16-year-old hit-and-run victim is seeking accountability for the incident that took place in Minneapolis. In a stolen vehicle, the perpetrator struck the teenager just days before Christmas, causing significant injuries. The victim’s father, Joshua Masloski, recounted the terrifying moment he received the news of his son’s injuries at work. Now recovering from a bruise on his brain and a forehead wound, the teenager continues to experience headaches and dizziness. The family is calling for stricter law enforcement measures to prevent similar incidents in the future. Stay up to date on the ongoing investigation and the family’s efforts for justice on

Family of 16 Year Old Hit and Run Victim Calls for Accountability |
Family of 16 Year Old Hit and Run Victim Calls for Accountability |


Key Takeaways
16-year-old hit-and-run victim in Minneapolis
Account of the incident by the victim’s father
Injuries sustained by the victim and ongoing recovery
Family’s plea for accountability and stricter law enforcement
Current status of the police investigation

I. Background of the Hit-and-Run Incident

Stolen Vehicle Strikes 16-Year-Old Victim in Minneapolis

In the bustling city of Minneapolis, a hit-and-run incident involving a stolen vehicle has left a devastating impact on the life of a 16-year-old victim. Just two days before Christmas, as the holiday cheer was spreading throughout the city, tragedy struck in an instant. The teenager was walking home in the peaceful Whittier neighborhood when an unknown driver behind the wheels of a stolen Kia ruthlessly collided with him.

A Desperate Attempt to Flee and Escape Responsibility

The hit-and-run incident became even more alarming as it unfolded further. According to eyewitness accounts, not only did the driver show no regard for human life by hitting an innocent teenager, but they also crashed into multiple vehicles after striking their young victim. In a desperate attempt to evade responsibility and accountability for their actions, four individuals who were inside the stolen vehicle fled from the scene immediately.

II. Father’s Account of the Incident

Unsettling Call at Work

Joshua Masloski, the father of the 16-year-old hit-and-run victim, vividly remembers the moment he received the unsettling call at his workplace. It was December 23rd when his wife urgently informed him that their son had arrived home injured, covered in blood. The news sent shockwaves through Masloski, leaving him terrified and worried for his son’s well-being.

A Terrifying Encounter

As Masloski listened to his son’s account of the incident, the details painted a terrifying picture. The teenager explained that while walking home in their Whittier neighborhood, he suddenly heard a loud revving sound. Upon turning around, he found a stolen vehicle dangerously close to him. In a split-second decision, he jumped to avoid being hit directly by the car, but in doing so, he struck his forehead on the metal part next to the front window. This quick thinking may have saved his life, as he narrowly avoided being crushed between the stolen vehicle and a parked car.

An Urgent Plea for Justice

The severity of the incident left Masloski deeply concerned about the safety of his son, as well as the broader community. Reflecting on the experience, he emphasizes the urgent need for law enforcement to take stricter measures in combating such reckless behavior. Masloski believes that by cracking down on hit-and-run incidents like this one, lives can be saved, preventing future victims from enduring similar or even worse injuries. It is this plea for justice and accountability that drives Masloski and his family to advocate for stronger law enforcement actions.

Father's Account of the Incident
Father’s Account of the Incident

III. Victim’s Injuries and Recovery

The hit-and-run incident left the 16-year-old victim with serious injuries. He suffered a bruise on his brain and a significant wound on his forehead that required medical attention. As he continues to recover, he experiences headaches and dizziness as a result of the traumatic ordeal. The family is closely monitoring his progress and has scheduled an appointment with the traumatic brain injury unit for further evaluation. Despite the physical and emotional toll, they remain hopeful for his full recovery and are committed to supporting him throughout the healing process.

Victim's Injuries and Recovery
Victim’s Injuries and Recovery

IV. Plea for Accountability and Stricter Law Enforcement

The family of the 16-year-old hit-and-run victim is passionately advocating for accountability and stricter law enforcement measures in light of this incident. They firmly believe that actions must be taken to prevent such heart-wrenching incidents from happening again. Joshua Masloski, the victim’s father, expressed his concern about the lack of safety on the streets and emphasized the need for stronger enforcement to deter reckless behavior. The family hopes that by speaking out and raising awareness, they can contribute to creating a safer community where no other family has to endure the pain they have experienced.

V. Police Investigation

The police investigation into the hit-and-run incident involving the 16-year-old victim is currently ongoing. Law enforcement authorities are working diligently to gather evidence, interview witnesses, and identify the individuals responsible for the stolen vehicle and the subsequent hit-and-run. The stolen Kia has been taken into custody and is being examined for any clues that may lead to the suspects. Minneapolis Police Department encourages anyone with information about the incident to come forward and share it with them. As the investigation progresses, updates will be provided to the victim’s family and the public to ensure transparency and progress towards justice.

VI. Impact of Hit-and-Run Incidents on Families

Hit-and-run incidents have profound and lasting effects on the families of the victims. The emotional trauma, physical injuries, and financial burdens can take a toll that extends far beyond the immediate aftermath of the incident. Families are left to deal with the shock and fear of knowing that their loved ones were intentionally harmed and that the responsible party fled the scene. They must navigate through the complex process of seeking justice and accountability while trying to support their injured family member in their recovery. The pain and frustration experienced by these families highlight the need for stricter enforcement measures and increased awareness surrounding hit-and-run incidents.

VII. Conclusion

The hit-and-run incident involving a 16-year-old victim in Minneapolis highlights the urgent need for accountability and stricter law enforcement. The victim’s family bravely shared their story, shedding light on the devastating impact that such incidents can have on individuals and communities. This tragic event serves as a reminder of the importance of pedestrian safety and responsible driving practices.

With ongoing efforts to raise awareness about hit-and-run incidents, it is crucial for law enforcement agencies to prioritize investigations and enhance preventative measures. Stricter penalties for hit-and-run offenses may serve as an effective deterrent, ensuring that drivers think twice before fleeing an accident scene.

Communities can also play an integral role by coming forward with any relevant information they may have regarding such incidents. Encouraging public cooperation will not only support ongoing police investigations but also contribute to fostering safer environments where pedestrians feel protected.

Through continued advocacy, education, and collective action, we can strive towards preventing future tragedies like these from occurring. By holding accountable those who commit these heinous acts, we create a safer society where citizens can walk without fear – ultimately making our streets more secure for everyone.


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